Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Okay. I been real busy recently.
I been trying to find time to go out
during the midnight and yet report for work
on time early in the morning because it's attachment.

I worked 7days a week
At least 7hours a day
Just trying to earn at least 1K a month
Yet I spend money like tap water at least
$300 a month.

Friday was Zouk
Saw Janice & friends there
She was kind of cute
Needless to say
I was hoping for the opposite

Saturday was supper with DFS colleagues at HK cafe in Siglap
Followed by mahjong at Jo/Julia house before heading for reporting to work at 7am
Had a haircut after work and went home to rest awhile before heading over to Mark's house
for F1 race. Apparently I was the only one interested and I had to leave after the race because
it was Shimin & Tzelip birthday. I stayed there the whole night and mahjong. Luck's been pretty weird recently, at the end of every game I stand to win nothing at all. Hahaha. Not a bad thing either, I just wanted to kill time.

Life would still be interesting with the midnight club.
Wait for me. I would be back someday. (:
Life's a bitch without you'll around.


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I managed to get down to CPS birthday
after work and it was a disaster for me
I almost got fired on that day.


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peektures will be up soon (:

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Dear friends,

I hope that you can help me pray for a friend's dad who have fallen ill. For whatever it is, Dear lord, I pray that you will look after him so that he could recover faster and my friend will not be worried over him.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yesterday celebrated fernie's birthday @ TCC & Pitstop.
It was great and haven't seen them for a long time! ((:


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My attachment has finally started
and thank God it's near my house.
It's actually located at Potong Pasir
just behind the Siemens building and
there's shuttle bus in and out. You can
report to work at 0825-0900 and knock
off sharp at 1725/1730.

I'm working in the finance department
so I won't be touching much of those
programming stuffs which I'm pretty
happy about. The department is
super friendly and there's other school
interns there as well. First day of work,
I fell asleep before going home and I
called Jasmine to complain how bored I
am. Hahaha. The BIGGEST problem is I
have no fucking internet though I got computer!

I felt so weird about waking up so early in the morning now
compared to the past where I sleep in the morning. I only
had a day to change and I kind of missing night life for now
and not forgetting the gang.

But how long can the gang hold on?
With one down for his exams
One holding on even though got so many things on her hands
People falling sick due to the crazy nights that we been having

See you guys this friday! ((:


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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Last day at T3 Arrival South w/ Casper & Barry
Short of Desiree & YongQiang

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Go find out where is it Level 7 Buffalo Wings
In total, there are 10 levels and please do not take this as your first meal because you will most likely encounter stomachache/diarrhea. (:
Don't be too happy yet
After buffalo wings, we went to Mark's house and Jasmine bluffed him it was her cooking and he took one big bite!(fyi, he cant take ANY chill at all).
Arrival of VIP
Hahaha. She was not excused either. She tried the cooking and drank at least a litre of water. LOL!
Mark whipped up a few dishes for us (:


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