Sunday, July 27, 2008

Supposed to work today but aint feeling well
Saturday had lunch with class for Brian&Dean farewell
because they leaving for BKK for attachment.

Friday was a mess for me? I got drunk at Holland V. and
vomited like a merlion. It was only 11+ and I was drunk.
I could remember almost everything which I'm pretty proud. HAHAHA!
I even called a friend when I was drunk and I had the intention of asking my friend
to send me home but she was sleeping already. Hahaha! Then
I remember there this sweet voice girl who asked me whether
I'm alright while I was sitting at the staircase and I told her I'm
fine w/o looking at her. WASTED! Surprisingly, I managed to take
a cab home all by myself and for one moment my friends thought I
was missing. There's too much to say!

These 2 idiots trying to take a photo w/ me when I'm drunk!


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

These few days been abit busy.
Batman on Friday midnight 3am
Breakfast on Saturday morning 6am
Basketball on Saturday morning 8am
Sleep on Saturday afternoon 12pm
Woke up @ 7pm (party cancelled)

Josh birthday party on Sunday evening
The Condemned movie at Cine Dvd chamber
Supper @ Toa Payoh

Woke up @ 1200 on rainy Monday afternoon
Product Training @ 1210
Bathed & booked a cab down to Crown Royal Plaza(Changi Airport)
Not really happy about work schedule but better than no income
Visit friend and home sweet home (:

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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Oh man! The company was great!


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Friday, July 04, 2008

I went to pick up my friend at Ngee Ann poly and went to catch Get Smart at Cineleisure. For the first time, I do not have to worry how to drive around in town etc. I got to say the movie was great not forgetting the company I had. (: Too bad after the movie, we both got to go our own ways so sent my friend home first before heading back home. During the night, went prawning for the first time and the first 2 hours was pathetic. I only caught 1 prawn but during the 3rd hour, it started to get better. So after prawning, went to have a light breakfast at Macdonalds before heading home.

Slept for an hour only and got to go back school for some stupid briefing. I went back home to get change and visit my friend before meeting up with Adeline for dinner and had a short chat before sending mom to work. After that went back to friend's house and left to meet up with a friend to Labrador park to chill. I sent my friend back and home to sleep! (:


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My Birthday


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